Eating Healthy with Cuppatea

Cuppatea has carefully designed an eating plan with great healthy food that will compliment the Cuppatea teatox. A variety of selection has been put together and they mainly consist of fruits, vegetables and fish. The eating plan has been constructed without meat as they may contain chemical preservatives and toxins that we are trying to get rid of. We do not encourage skipping meals or eating less. So, if you still feel hungry after each meal recommended in this plan, go ahead and have some fruits as snacks as they contain antioxidants and vitamins.

Even after you have achieved your dream weight and figure, you can still drink the Cuppatea Morningtime detox on a daily basis while eating healthy with the eating plan. Cuppatea recommends an active exercise regime for maximum results during the duration of your teatox.

Do I really have to follow the eating plan during my teatox to see results?

We would not force you eating food that you would not enjoy. You can always construct an eating plan that suits your own taste buds and lifestyle. However, we recommend that you follow a healthy, balanced and clean diet to maximise the results for weight loss.

Try to avoid meat if you could but if you feel that you really need to include them in your meal, opt for organic or skinless meat. As we are all of different sizes and shapes, Cuppatea teatox effectiveness varies on each individual. We have constructed this eating plan for you to see maximum results on your teatox.