During teatox

Where can I find the instructions on how to use Cuppatea?

Click on our how to use page and they are also at the back of the packaging.


Do I still follow eat normally and continue my exercise routine when I am on teatox?

Absolutely yes! We would never ask our customers to skips meals or starve in order to lose weight. All we ask for is try to eat a healthy and balanced diet as this is your first step to kickstart healthy living.

To maximize the benefit of teatox, regular exercise regime is encouraged. In short, have a Cuppatea, eat regularly and do some exercise and feel good about yourself!


What are the side effects of teatox if there is any?

At Cuppatea, we take great effort to ensure our products are as safe as possible. All our products go through bacterial analysis to ensure they are bacteria-free. However, as all individual are different, one might react differently to any of these ingredients. To be safe, check on the ingredients in our products here.  

If you do not have any allergy to the ingredients, the Morningtime Detox is generally safe. There shouldn’t be any adverse effect, as it will make you feel energetic to start your day.

The only side effects of the teatox that you will experience come from the Bedtime Cleanse. For first-time users, you may feel a little uncomfortable in the tummy and needing the toilet approximately after 8 hours consuming the Bedtime Cleanse ingredients. This is the laxative-effect that senna leafs. Stop use immediately and consult your GP if symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or prolonged diarrhea occur. For some users, if the tea is not strong enough for your body, infuse the tea bags longer for extra strength and vice versa.  

The best time to have the Bedtime Cleanse is before bedtime. This is to ensure the effect of the tea is not going to interrupt any of your daily activities in case you need to use the toilet frequently.


When should I stop teatoxing?

The power is in your hands! We will never force you to keep on teatoxing. Besides, we recommend you to take at least 2 weeks break if you have been on the teatox programme for 2 months.

All we want is for all our users to feel good and be on the right track towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The most important is for you to be happy about yourself. Remember you can always start on a teatox again if you want to :)


Is teatox going to affect my health if I am pregnant, conceiving, breastfeeding or have epilepsy?

The answer is YES! We do not recommend you to undergo any teatox programme if you fall in any of the above condition. At the end of the day we want you to stay safe and be healthy!


What type of food should I avoid when I am on my teatox?

Basically any food that contain high calories and toxins that we are trying to get rid of (eg: alcohol, fast food, skin-on meat, etc…).

Instead, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated all the time.  For a healthy diet plan, visit our Eating Healthy page.