After Your Teatox

Would I start gaining the weight again that I’ve lost once I stop the teatox program?

You can say goodbye forever to the weight/fats that you’ve lost during your teatox! However, to maintain the be-you-tiful you, it’s always beneficial to your wellbeing by sticking to your healthy diet as well as regular exercises.

Having said that, you can always start teatoxing again if you feel like you’ve put on a little more weight.


How often can I go on a teatox?

Our Morningtime detox is safe for long term continued use as a healthy drink on a daily basis. You can even use it to substitute coffee/tea to help you to start your day by getting active and awake.

However, we do not recommend the use of Bedtime Cleanse on a long-term basis. We strongly ask you to consume the Bedtime Cleanse as part of a teatox program, no longer than 2 months. It is strongly recommended that you take at least 2 weeks break before starting your next teatox after the first one. For example, if you have been on the 28 Day Teatox for 8 weeks, take at least 2 weeks break before starting again.

As all our body reacts differently, stop as and when you feel your body needs to. Always consult your GP if you feel in any way the teatox is going to affect your body or health.