About Cuppatea-tox

What is Cuppatea-tox and its’ benefits?

It’s a natural process of cleansing your body through tea drinking. Your body eliminates unwanted toxins from the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin naturally. Teatoxing also helps you to reduce bloating, increase metabolism and burn fat.

We strongly advise you to have your regular meals preferably balanced diet along with regular exercise. Teatox is not a meal replacement.


What does the package comes with?

14 Day Teatox  14 teabags of Morningtime Detox & 7 teabags of Bedtime Cleanse

28 Day Teatox  28 teabags of Morningtime Detox & 14 teabags of Bedtime Cleanse

Share the Lovetox  2 x 14 Day Teatox (Total of 28 teabags of Morningtime Detox & 14 teabags of Bedtime Cleanse)


What is the difference between the 14 Day Teatox and the 28 Day teatox?

The only difference between the two is the amount of teabags in the package. You get 2 weeks worth of teabags for the 14 Day Teatox program and 4 weeks worth of teabags for the 28 Day Teatox program.

To maximise the benefit of teatox we would recommend you to go with the 28 Day Teatox. Having said that, 14 Day Teatox is a good start to tea detoxing if this is your first time! You can always order again if you’ll like to continue to teatox.


When is best to start Cuppatea-tox?

We recommend that you start your teatox on a weekend, just incase your body needs time to adjust to the natural elimination process. Once you are ready, infuse one Morningtime Detox tea bag every morning with near boiling water for 3 minutes to start your day.

Brew one Bedtime Cleanse tea bag every other night (starting from day 1 of your teatox). In other words, consume the Bedtime Cleanse on alternate nights. Say if you start your teatox on a Friday, the next time for you to drink the Bedtime Cleanse again will be on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday……

Our How To Use page should give you a simple illustration on how to start your Cuppatea-tox.


What can I add into the tea to suit my taste?

Although we think that our tea taste great just as it is with all the natural ingredients, you might want to add other ingredients to customise your own teatox. Always feel free to add in natural sweeteners, lemon, peppermint leaves or honey into your tea to enjoy them more.

Otherwise, our Morningtime Detox tea taste similar to green tea while the Bedtime Cleanse a floral taste of chamomile, which also helps you sleeping better.


Is Cuppatea safe?

YES! All you have to do is to follow the guidelines provided strictly and read the disclaimer thoroughly before you start or purchase Cuppatea-tox. Only when the use of Cuppatea is abused, unwanted side effect will only occur. For instance, we recommend that our customers take a 2 weeks break after you have been on our teatox program for 2 months and if you wish to tea detox consecutively.

Some customers may find that is a little uncomfortable after consuming the Bedtime Cleanse. This is part of the natural process of flushing out toxins from your body through the effect of senna leaves.

Kindly refer to our list of natural ingredients to check if you are allergic to any of them.


Is tea detox for both women and men?

Of course! All the benefits of Cuppatea-tox applies to both women and men. Start tea detoxing now with a partner if you think Cuppatea-tox could benefit them too!