Eating Responsibly This Holiday Season

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The holidays are always a time for feasts and festivities, and somethings, the merry-making can get out of hand. Usually, the holidays are a time to be happy and let go of all your worries. But when you're on a journey to your ideal weight, it can also be a daunting time for you. With social obligations comes a weakening of the will power. We understand this struggle all too well. Which is why, we've got 5 little tips that can help guide you through the holidays.

1. Maintenance
The most important thing to remember when you're dieting through the holidays, is that there's going to be a lot of food that you wouldn't normally eat. Instead of trying to lose any significant amount of weight, your goals should be to maintain the weight you're currently at. Think of this as a pitstop of sorts. You're still in the race. You just have to give your car some well-deserved down time.

2. Eat Your Vegetables!
Even when it's not the holiday season, it's always a good idea to fill your diet with fruits and vegetables. But during the holidays, it's especially important to do so. Fruits help digestion and you can get full on vegetables, without taking in too many calories. We're not saying you should stay away from food at a party, just make good choices and you'll be set.

3. Never Go Hungry
When you have a party to go to almost every night during December, there can be a lot of social pressure which could lead to over-indulgence. Always remember to eat something light before heading out for the night. Snack on some nuts or eat some fruit or a quick salad. The goal of the party is to see your loved ones, but remember that you have to love yourself too. Don't find yourself in a situation where you've de-railed your weight-loss for one night of temptation.

4. No Top Ups
If you're the sort who has a bit more to drink during the holidays, that's okay. Just be mindful of the size of your glasses, and as a rule of thumb, don't top up that drink. The most common way for unwanted weight to creep up on us is through the drinks we have. The key is to always be self aware, because it's easy to get a little carried away during the holidays. We're not trying to be the fun police, we're just saying that extra drink may not be worth the setbacks it could bring.

5. Keep On Moving
This isn't just an encouragement to persevere, we literally mean you should stay active, too, during this time. Even if you can't go about your usual exercise routine when you have to dedicate most of your time to important family moments, you can still find little ways to get your body moving. Run around with the kids when they're playing outside, not only will you be able to fullfill some babysitting duties, you'll be burning calories. As a plan for the new year, you can also ask for a gym membership.

Whatever your holiday situation is, remember that the journey never ends. Enjoy the good times, but also remember to be good to yourself!

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