Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

The idea of Halloween may be able to get you excited, but that enthusiasm can quickly dwindle when you realise just how expensive costumes are these days!

The good news is, you can still have a lot of fun without having to splurge on an over-priced get-up. Here are our 3 favourite Halloween costume ideas for Cuppies in a hurry:

1. Get a scar
Okay, not litterally, of course. Sometimes minimalist costumes are the ones that stand out the most. By using "Mehron - Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid", you can get a believeable looking scar within minutes.

We've found a quick and easy tutorial from BeautifulYouTV to point you in the right direction:

With a little imagination, you can even come up with a scary Halloween backstory to go with your scar.


2. Get a medal

Why did the scarecrow get a medal? Because he was out, standing, in his field! Now that you've got an awesome joke to tell at your Halloween party, here's a cute little tutorial by JuliaSalvia to help you get your scarecrow look started:

With minimal makeup required, this costume is something you can definitely put together right before you leave the house. It's perfect for just hanging out.

3. Reserve your spot

    There's always at least one cat at any halloween party. Usually, the most popular costume ideas work because they require minimal effect to look good. But it gets a little boring when everyone's doing the same thing.

    So put a twist on the traditional cat costume, and become a leopard, instead. The no-costume costume by POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is spot on:

    The look is achieved with the use of eyeliner, so if you make a mistake, don't worry, you can always change your spots.

    With these easy looks, you have no excuse for not being in costume. Have fun this Halloween, Cuppies! xoxo

    Cuppatea UK
    Cuppatea UK


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