5 Reasons Your Body Will Love a Teatox!

There are so many articles out there promoting the benefits of detoxing or rather, teatoxing your body. There are a million of reasons to teatox and here is our top 5 reasons:

#1 Going through our teatox program is like giving your digestive system a holiday

This will allow your digestive system to reboot and return to the peak performance. A good teatox program should help reset your body and giving in a clean slate to start over.

#2 An effective teatox program should create a heightened sense of well-being

Teatox is very different from taking laxative teas, where you will feel spaced-out, physically weak and dehydrated. A good teatox program will make you feel energetic and vital. It also contribute to your mental well-being. When you teatox, naturally the workload on your body is reduced. When you feel lighter, your mind stay more focused as well.

#3 A great teatox comes with wonderful side effects

Apart from being mentally focused, teatox comes with other side effects such as weight loss, boost in energy levels, clearer skins, improved digestions and less bloating and puffiness. Now, who would say no to that?

#4 Your “engine” will work better

Just like a car after tuning and servicing, you remove all the built-up of waste products that is not healthy for your body. If you have not been living a balanced lifestyle, can you imagine how much toxins is stored in our system without being purged? Our body will naturally eliminate it but over time, your detox organs such as your liver and gut will be overwhelmed and that is when toxins winds up being stored in various tissues. This will encourage the development of chronic disease. So giving your body a kickstart by teatoxing periodically and your body will thank you later.

#5 A good teatox can very well change your life

A good cleanse for your body would sometimes result into a deeper benefits for your mind and soul. Many people see it as not just detoxing your system but a start to better habits and choices in life.



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Cuppatea UK


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